Core Values


To see the Kingdom of God reflected more and more in our community, country, and world.


To make passionate, maturing Christ followers in our community, country, and world.

The Village Church will be…

Extremely DIVERSE

It is human nature to surround yourself with people who look like you, act like you, and think like you; everyone wants to be comfortable. But central to the Gospel is God creating a multi – ethnic people from every tribe, tongue, and nation who are united in their love for God, and love for each other, despite their differences. We celebrate differences, for when there is unity in diversity, God is glorified.

Overwhelmingly GENEROUS

It has been said that generosity is the language of heaven; we want to speak that language. The God of the Bible is a gracious, giving God, and we want to walk in His ways. Rather than living to preserve what we have, we want to give of our time, talent, and resources generously.


Just as God invites us into a relationship with Him, we want to invite people into a relationship with Him. We want to be a church who invites others into our homes, our churches, and our lives.

Uncommonly SIMPLE

Life is complicated, but does it really need to be? Just as the gospel is simple, we want to live lives of simplicity. Rather than mirroring the culture, we want to be a light to the culture by living in simplicity, that we might devote our time to the things that have eternal significance.

Refreshingly AUTHENTIC

From the top – down, we want to be authentic with our struggles, our challenges, and our shortcomings because they point to the glorious grace of God. It is not the healthy that need a doctor; it is the sick, and when we are open with who we really are, we show how great God’s grace really is.