Day 1

Romans 5:1-11

What does Paul say can be the final result of suffering? Is this the final result of all suffering?
What suffering (big or small) are you enduring right now? What can you learn from this season you’re in?

    Day 2

     Romans 5:12-21

    How would you describe the relationship between the law and grace based on this passage?
    How does it affect you today to read that it is only through the obedience of the One (Jesus Christ) you have the opportunity to be made righteous?

            Day 3

            Romans  6:1-11

            Based on this passage, how do you think Paul would define baptism in one sentence?
            What is the significance of the word, “Walk” in verse 4? What does it mean for you to walk in the newness of life today?

            Day 4

            Judges 6:12-19

            What is the significance of the phrase “obedient from the heart”? Why would someone be obedient if it isn’t from the heart?
            Where does your obedience come from? How can we make sure that our obedience is from the heart?

                        Day 5

                        Romans 6:20-23

                        • What is the fundamental difference between how death and life come about as described in these verses?
                        • Are you able to describe your life as being enslaved to God? Are there any negatives to being God’s slave? What are the positives?