Day 1

Judges 6:25-32

How would you rephrase Joash’s reasoning in your own words?
What do false gods/idols look like in our culture today?

    Day 2

     Judges 6:33-40

    Why does Gideon again ask for a sign, not once but twice? Do you think this is good or bad?
    What does God’s response show about His character?

            Day 3

            Judges 7:1-8

            Why did God say the army was too big? What is so bad about trusting in yourself?
            Was this a unique situation with the war or is this “no boasting” principle true in other areas? What could be an example?

            Day 4

            Judges 7:9-14

            Do you see any similarities here with previous things we have seen in the relationship between God and Gideon?
            What does this show us about God’s character? How about Gideon’s character? How does this encourage you today?

                        Day 5

                        Judges 7:15-25

                        • What was Gideon’s response to the dream?
                        • What do you need to remember to praise God for today?