Day 1

Joshua Chapter 22:1-20

Why was the rest of Israel so concerned with this new altar that had been built? What lesson about sin does this show that they had learned?
Like the rest of Israel did, are you making any hasty judgements based on assumptions against other believers in your community that you should repent of?

    Day 2

     Joshua Chapter 22:21-34

    What was the true motivation for building this altar?
    These tribes knew that we as humans are forgetful. Is there anything in your life that you think God might want you to set up as a reminder for you and those who will come after you?

            Day 3

            Joshua Chapter 23

            What might cause Israel to begin to doubt God’s goodness or promises? What may cause us to do the same?
            What is the other side of God’s faithfulness which Joshua reveals in verses 15 and 16? Why is it important for us to understand both sides?

            Day 4

            Joshua Chapter 24:1-14

            Why did Joshua review the history of Israel? What lessons could they (and we) learn from their history? 
            What can we learn by reviewing the histories of our and our family’s lives?

                        Day 5

                        Joshua Chapter 24:14-33

                        • What admirable quality does Joshua show in his famous statement at the end of verse 15? What choices are you choosing between today?
                        • What is the main thing that God has taught you through the reading of Joshua?